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What we have to offer

Photo Day Options
We offer several options to our Sports Team & Individual Leagues:

Traditional Team and Individual Photography: Teams & individuals are photographed against natural backgrounds at the chosen location and all teams are arranged and photographed as a group.

Composite Team & Individual Photography: This is where all the individual team members are photographed twice, one pose is used for the team photo and one pose is used for their individual photo. All the images are extracted from their original background and placed on a more dynamic and fully customizable digital background. Rather than a group team shot, a composite is made to combine everyone into the final team image.

Hybrid of the two systems: In some cases we can combine certain aspects of both of these systems.

There are some major differences between the two systems. Besides the obvious differences in style and presentation, using the composite system eliminates the necessity to photograph outdoors in natural surroundings, so it can remove the weather as a factor. However, because of the additional effort involved in creating the extractions, artwork & processing orders, it winds up being slightly more expensive to the parents, there is also a few additional days necessary in order to process orders.

Please call and we can discuss the differences and decide which option is best for your league.

Quality & Pricing
We take great pride in offering the highest quality photography & photo products at very honest prices. Athletes are always photographed by a full-time, professional photographer and all orders are printed at an award winning photo lab. Every child is photographed multiple times to insure that we have a good image to use for filling the order.


We understand the desire to make photo day flow quickly and efficiently for both the league and the parents. We work very fast without having to sacrifice quality.


Because we only cater to local organizations, we can be flexible to your schedule. If you wish, we can schedule photo day for one day, or break it down to two or more. Whatever works best for you and your league.

Photo Ordering

Photos can be ordered using traditional pre-pay order forms or they can be ordered online. There is also a mail-in option available.


We offer a wide selection of high quality products. From traditional prints and print packages to professionally designed plaques, trading cards and digital memory mates. See our Sports Products page for more information.

Turn Around Time

We hand selected our photo processing lab because of the combination of speed and very high quality. In most cases, we have photo orders in the customers hands within 2 weeks of picture day. For online orders, it is not unusual for the customer to have their prints within 5 working days of their order.

Customer Service

We put total and complete emphasis on pleasing our customers, period. If for any reason a customer is not satisfied they will receive a new order, total refund or retake immediately.

Fund Raising

We can provide your organization with a fund raising opportunity as well and we are willing to go that extra mile to be your photographer. Please contact us and we can discuss the many ways we can make your photo day the best ever. We want to be your league’s photographer, this year and for many years to come.

Why choose DT Studios?

We are a small, local, experienced and professional photographer, specializing in Sports & Portrait Photography. We work only with local teams and organizations right here in Central N.Y.

Serving your league will be the most important job we have.

We take a great deal of pride in our work, our customer’s satisfaction, our honest prices and our rapid turn-around time. Every photograph is taken by a full-time, professional photographer and every order is treated as though it were our own. We take full responsibility of Photo Day orders by including a Customer Service notation and contact number within each order, in the event of any question with the customers order. We deal directly with the customer on all photography matters, not through the league or the coaches.

This professional attitude combined with our photographic imaging and design expertise, has helped solidify DT Studios as the Sports Photographer of choice in Central NY. We hope to work along with you to customize your photo day to work as quickly and efficiently as possible, this year, and for many more years to come.

Unlike other photographers, we photograph every single child. No child is left out regardless of the existence of a photo order form.

We work hard to earn our invitation to return year after year.

Let this year be the beginning of a great working relationship between your organization and ours.

Photo Day Information

Photo Day Procedure

Each team is assigned a date and time for their pictures to be taken. Generally, each team is given 20-30 minutes for individual and team photos depending upon the size of the team. It is very important for the majority of the team members to be on time and ready to go at their assigned times. Otherwise it could result in other teams (to follow) to have to wait past their scheduled start times. We prefer to have the entire team (including coaches) present before we begin. Once all athletes are present, we arrange them in numerical order (or alphabetically by last name when there are no jersey numbers i.e. cheerleaders). Doing so allows us to identify any duplicate jersey numbers, makes it much faster for us to process orders and greatly reduces the chances of order errors.

Photo Order Forms

Prior to picture day each team is given photo order forms to be distributed to the parents. The forms should be filled out in advance along with a check, cash or money order enclosed (credit cards are accepted on site). Completed order forms should be turned in at the photographer’s station at the time photos are taken. Extra order forms will be available (at our photo table) for those who need them and there will be assistants on site to answer any questions parents or coaches may have. For those who prefer to see and choose the photos prior to purchasing, photos will be available for purchase online within a few days of photo day at (see the “Find your Sports Photos” page). Please note: Ordering photos online is slightly more costly as you will be charged sales tax & shipping to your home (~$5.00 plus tax), whereas orders placed and paid for on photo day are not. In rare cases, for those who forget or misplace order forms, they can also be mailed to our studio (address on the order form) within a day or two of picture day.

What to Expect on Photo Day

On picture day, we strive to get a great photo of each and every child. It really helps us if you could arrive early to avoid a rushed session and for each child to be prepared in advance (shirts tucked in, hair groomed etc.). We take 3-4 photos of each athlete and will carefully choose the best image (in our professional opinion) to fill your order. If you would like to choose the specific image we use to fill your order, you must order your photos online.

Photo Orders

Once all teams have been photographed we begin to process all orders immediately. The completed orders are sorted and packaged by team and delivered to the league within approximately two weeks or less depending upon the size of your league. The teams Coach or team Mom will then distribute the completed photo orders to the parents.

If you have any questions not answered above please feel free to call us at 315-452-1456.