Portraits – Retouching & Editing Examples


At DT Studios all customer selected images undergo a detailed and thorough editing process.

We are imaging specialists and we know how to get the most from your portraits. Capturing your image on camera is just the beginning of your portrait preparation process.

1.) First the image is cropped and straightened to get the very best composition.

2.) Then we optimize and enhance the images color making sure your skin tones are perfect.

3.) Next we remove all blemishes, stray hair and other undesirable items.

4.) We then gently soften and enhance the skin using our special portrait editing techniques. Special care is taken not to apply too much softening which could make the image look unnatural or overdone.

5.) The final steps involve whitening teeth, looking for areas that should be slightly lightened or darkened in the image, fixing those and any other areas that could possibly distract from your perfect portrait.

Click on any image to see an example of editing “Before and After.”