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This section shows our regular priced products at full retail pricing (non discounted). There are substantial discounts for orders that exceed various price thresholds. Please see our package discounts and other discount levels listed below.

Pricing Information

The prices shown in this column are for prints or products from our “Individual Products Menu.” To see Package information discounts and prices please scroll down to the appropriate section.
If the product you want is not listed here please let us know, we can provide many different photo products per your request.

Small Prints

• Wallet Size (4) [$15.00]
• Wallet Size (8) [$25.00]
• 4×5″ or 4×6″ [$12.00]
• 5×7″ [$15.00]
• 8×10″ [$25.00]
• 8×12″ [$27.00]

Large Prints

• 11×14″ [$45.00]
• 12×18″ [$50.00]
• 16×20″ [$75.00]
Larger sizes available by request.


• 8×10″ [$65.00]
• 11×14″ [$72.00]

Please note: Collage prices shown are for “first copy” prints, a $20 discount applies to additional copies ordered of the same collage.


Announcements and Invitations (w/envelopes)
All Invitations and Announcements come complete with white envelopes.
• 4×6” – 1 sided/flat
(25 min.) $35.00 ($1.40 ea.)
• 5×7” – 1 sided/flat
(25 min.) $50.00 ($2.00 ea.) 5×7“ – 2 sided/flat
(25 min.) $75.00 ($3.00 ea.)
• 5×7“ – 4 sided/folded
(25 min.) $112.00 ($4.50 ea.)

Canvas Wraps

• 8×10″ [$95.00]
• 8×12″ [$99.00]
• 11×14″ [$115.00]
• 16×20″ [$155.00]


Because digital file charges can vary considerably from case to case depending upon their intended use, please contact us for a more exact estimate or other options.

• Low Resolution (edited/retouched) for web/ per image [$30.00]
• High Resolution (edited/retouched) for print/ per image [$120.00]


• (2) Wallet size [$15.00].
• (1) 3½x5″ [$15.00].
• (1) 5×7″ [$25.00].
• (1) 8×10″ [$35.00].

Acrylic Magnets

• (1) 3½x5″ [$19.00].
• (1) 5×7″ [$29.00].

Acrylic Frame Statues

Features rounded corners with acrylic base. Subject is not cut out.
• (1) 3½x5″ [$27.00].
• (1) 5×7″ [$39.00].
• (1) 8×10″ [$45.00].
• (1) 11×14″ [$69.00].


Deluxe Mini Albums
(Prints will have Minor edits.)
• Wallets (10 prints) $35.00
• 4×6“ (10 prints) $169.00
• 5×7” (20 prints) $299.00

Misc. Services

•HS Seniors Yearbook image sent to school [$20.00].
• Culling large image Galleries to our Top 20 picks [$30.00].
• Image edit/retouching simple [$10.00 ea.].
• Image edit/retouching complex [$20.00 ea.].

Allow DT Studios to create your Portraits

Below you will see how quick and easy we make the experience of Portrait photography.

Having your Portraits done by DT Studios

Here is quick and simple Step-by-Step description of the process of having your portraits done at DT Studios.

Making your appointment

There are several ways to make your appointment, either call us (315) 452-1456, or you can make your appointment request online (see ‘Make an Appointment online’ under the ‘Portraits’ tab on any web page). To confirm your day & time and reserve your appointment you will be asked to make a $100 prepayment within a day or two. This payment will be credited and applied toward your final invoice.

Coming to DT Studios for your session

Your portrait session can be very simple (one outfit & one background) or it can be more involved (several outfit changes and backgrounds). It’s totally up to you. For each outfit or background you elect to be photographed in, we take a wide variety of photos, poses and camera angles. You can expect around 100 images from each outfit you are photographed in, so you will have plenty of images to choose from.

• 1 outfit and 1 background session [$29.00].
• Each additional outfit or background added to above session [$20.00].

Generally, each outfit or background change takes around 15-20 minutes to complete, and will include 8-10 different poses. Each session is a little different and we do like to relax and have some fun while we get to know you. Therefore the above numbers can (and do) easily grow. We do not overbook, so we have the freedom to extend most of our sessions.

Outdoor portraits

At the end of each session we like to conclude with a fun 10-15 minute outdoor sitting. We keep our studio grounds well manicured and we have 4-5 locations we like to use for a more natural background and lighting.

Viewing your portraits

Once your session is done, you will receive an e-mail along with a link to your online proof gallery and a password (usually within an hour or so). There you can view and choose your favorites. You will notice that all the proofs in your gallery appear in raw form, exactly as they came out of the camera (not yet edited or retouched). All the images you select as your favorites will undergo a very thorough editing/retouching process.

Retouching & Editing your portrait selections

Every image you choose as a favorite undergoes a thorough and complete editing process to bring out the very best in your images. We eliminate any undesirables and enhance every visible feature in a tasteful and light handed way. Editing can be (and often is) over done or under done by inexperienced photographers. We are imaging specialists and we know how to strike the narrow balance between reality and fantasy.

Purchasing portrait prints and products

Next comes your print order. Just simply e-mail us your order info. or you can call. Either way is fine. If we have any questions about your order we will let you know. If you have ordered anything that requires you approval we will send a proof prior to printing. You will then receive your final invoice showing any balance due. After your payment has been received (online or by check) we will ship your prints directly to your home.

Now you can request a portrait session appointment online.

Simply fill out & submit this quick
 Appointment Request 
and we will get back to you with a confirmation (or an alternate) ASAP!

DT Studios Portraits Brochure

See our product prices above, or our print package prices below,
or you can click on the link below for to view a printable, 2 page, 8½ x 11″ brochure
with prices and packages and other helpful info.

Download DT Studios – Studio Brochure (PDF) Here 



For your sitting, choose the number of outfits you would like to be photographed in and don't forget to see the special session add-on's below.
Click here for a Print friendly Studio Brochure with prices and packages

Portrait Session 1

$ 29.00

• (1) outfit / background sitting.
• 20 minute studio session.
• 100 minimum images/poses.
• Online photo gallery

Portrait Session 2


• (2) outfit / background sitting.
• 40 minute studio session.
• 200 minimum images/poses.
• Online photo gallery

Portrait Session 3


• (3) outfit / background sitting.
• 60 minute studio session.
• 300 minimum images/poses.
• Online photo gallery


Outdoor Session


• 15 minute outdoor session behind our studios.
• Natural settings, lighting & backgrounds.
• This is an Add-on session only. Must be added on to session #1,2 or 3 above.

Sport/Activity Session


• 15 minute studio session.
• Dramatic lighting & team color backgrounds.
• This is an Add-on session only. Must be added on to session #1,2 or 3 above.

Artistic Session


• 30-60 minute studio session.
• Dramatic lighting & specialty backgrounds.
Artistic sessions are all unique and largely dependent on the collaboration between the subject and photographer. May include the following:
• Low-Key Dramatic lighting
• High-Key Bright Glamour style lighting
• Black & White, Sepia or other color effects
• Glamour/ Modeling or Acting portfolios
• Misc. props – Glasses, Hats, Scarves, Flowing fabrics, Candles, Wind or subject supplied costumes/outfits.

Outdoor Session (on location)


• 30-60 minute session.
• 1-2 outfits
• Minimum of 100 images/poses to choose from.
• Must be within 20-30 minutes of our studio.

Family & Other Sessions

$25.00 - $125.00

• (1) Child in studio [$25.00]
• (2-3) Children in studio [$49.00]
• (2) Adult Couple in studio [$49.00]
• (3-6) Family in studio (includes (1) 8×10″ print.) [$125.00]
• On location session indoors [$125.00]
• On location session outdoors [$75.00]

DT Studios | Portrait Print Packages

Choose a DT Studios created print package or create your own. The larger the package you choose the higher the value (studio discount).

Print Package 1


Package Includes:
• (1) 8×10″ print
• (2) 5×7″ prints
• (8) Wallets size prints
• (1) Edited/retouched image: Use 1 image to make up this package (addl. images add $10.00 ea.).
• HS Yearbook image sent to school.

Print Package 2


Package Includes:
• (2) 8×10″ print
• (4) 5×7″ prints
• (16) Wallets size prints
• (2) Edited/retouched image: Use 2 images to make up this package (addl. images add $10.00 ea.).
• HS Yearbook image sent to school.

Print Package 3


Package Includes:
• (3) 8×10″ print
• (6) 5×7″ prints
• (24) Wallets size prints
• (3) Edited/retouched image: Use 3 image to make up this package (addl. images add $10.00 ea.).
• HS Yearbook image sent to school.

Professional Package


Package Includes:
• One outfit studio session (20 minutes).
• (1) Low Resolution digital file, edited and retouched.
• Over 100 images/poses to choose from.
• Online gallery
• Additional outfits add $20.00 each.

Create your own Package 4

My Package

If you don’t see a pre-made package
that’s exactly right for you,
you can easily create your
own print package. Just let us know
exactly what products and print sizes you need
from the “Individual Products
Menu” above. We will total up
your print order and automatically
apply the closest appropriate
package discount.

If your print order total is greater than:
$100.00 Save 10% off your print order.
$200.00 Save 15% off your print order.
$300.00 Save 20% off your print order.
$400.00 Save 25% off your print order.
$500.00 Save 30% off your print order.

*This is our most popular package. There is no money wasted on prints you don’t need or print sizes you didn’t want.