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In addition to High School Seniors, Children & Families and Professional Portraits we also do less traditional portraits such as Artistic Portraits, Close-ups, Head Shots, and Environmental style portraits. We will work closely with you to get you just the type portrait you are looking for. We love to experiment with new portrait styles and effects, so let us know your ideas and lets have some fun experimenting.

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The days of the high priced, large commercial portrait studios with huge overhead are over. The new smaller and super efficient studio has arrived. Simple to understand, unsurpassed quality, no hidden costs and much less expensive. The future of portrait photography is here.
Finally, this is how all portrait studios should be!
At DT STUDIOS we take our portraiture very seriously

We believe a portrait should be a work of art, and therefore should present the subject in the most professional and artistic manner. We know how important your portraits are, so we take extra time and effort to do them right.

We have an extremely high standard for our work

Our portraits are not only an important reflection of the subject, it is also a direct reflection of our studio and our name. Your personal satisfaction is guaranteed and our goal and promise is that your portraits from DT Studios will be a cherished keepsake for a lifetime.

We are a small company by design.

We believe our size helps us to offer very honest prices and close personal attention to, and communication with, our customers. Larger companies have large overhead, those costs are passed along to their customers.

You will find absolutely no sales pressure here

We are artists not salesmen. You will experience a very relaxed and professional atmosphere, fair & honest prices and above all, an extremely high quality product.

We are confident that you won’t have to look any further

But we encourage you to compare photographers in order to make an informed & intelligent decision about your portraits. We believe that the closer you look, the better we look. Obviously, we hope you will decide to come to DT Studios for your portraits.

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